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Four very special days for Inzell
Sleddog - European Championships in February in the Chiemgau - SC Weissbach as host - 250 teams expected
(Translated with Google)

The ice-speed racing metropolis Inzell has a nearly completely new event in the house: In February (2. Until 5 February), the sleigh dog's European Championships between Falkenstein and Frillensee are to go over the stage or hopefully numerous snow. "Everything depends on the snow," says Andi Birkel, a successful musher from Weissbach. His club, the ski club under the leadership of the board of directors Robert Öttl, is organizing the European Championship at the beginning of February and has been busy with the preparations for months. "Most of us are certainly looking forward to a large organization team, but we are actually only three," says Birkel, who relies on the proven abilities of Wolfgang Fehringer and Robert Öttl. "These are the two absolutely right for this job," says the vice-world champion of 2011.

In 2009, a middle distance and Longtrail EM took place in Inzell, but this is by no means comparable with the extent expected in February. At that time the SSB organized the event as the organizing club. Inzell and the SC Weissbach now have around ten years of experience with the organization of sledgehog races, but last winter the competitions fell due to acute snowmaking in the Chiemgau. Some Musher could therefore count their races at the last season on one hand. The first competitions in Inzell took place in 2006 with the start on the skating rink, which was then covered with snow. In the last few years, the place has established itself and has won its first place in the annual calendar of this sport. Hundreds of teams and often thousands of spectators come regularly - highlight years were 2011 or 2015 with lots of snow and a fantastic winter weather.

At the European Championship of the pure-breed sled dog at the beginning of the new year, however, everything will be big again: four instead of two days, 250 teams instead of a good 100 with teams from 22 nations. The otherwise usual number of spectators from 3000 to 4000 could easily triple in good weather and conditions. The logistics around the campsite Lindlbauer of the Egger family near the Kreuzfeld meadow have proved their worth last minute, Inzell offers the athletes short distances to everything they need. An extensive supporting program is compulsory. For the visitors of the Musherlager, there is also a lot to offer besides the races: live music on an open-air stage. The other plans are currently underway. Inzeller Touristik GmbH is responsible for the entertainment and entertainment in cooperation with the Egger family.

"We make it"

Mayor Hans Egger and Tourism Managing Director Gerhard Steinbacher support the organizers. Inzell jumps for Lillehammer. However, the Norwegians had to return the competition due to financial difficulties. The WSA asked SC Weissbach, the officials of the club were immediately blazing. After discussions with the municipality, the building yard, the fire brigade and the campsite operators was clear: "We make it. We can do it, "says Birkel. For the small club, such an EM-orientation is an absolute premiere, "which we are all looking forward to now," says the expert, who has been doing this sport for more than 20 years. The "WSA European Championship Snow" takes place every two years, the six different course lengths start at 6.2 kilometers with the two-dog sprinters up to demanding 38 kilometers of the perennial mid-range drivers.

Already on Wednesday, 1 February, the participants are supposed to arrive so that the animals can be acclimatized. "Immediately after arriving in INzell, all dogs are intensively examined for their health and fitness," says Birkel. This work is carried out by three medical teams of the university-Kloinik Münschen. As a general rule: "In the case of one or more dogs with an infectious illness, the team may not enter the stake out and have to leave the event immediately". Even doping samples are taken from each dog.

On Thursday, February 2, the European Championship will begin with the night run of the mid - distance teams, around 50 will be at the start. Afterwards the official opening ceremony with honorary guests and the march of the nations. From Friday, February 2nd, the competition will start in all classes and 250 teams of different types. On all days the races begin at 8 am and end at 4 pm, the official schedule with all start times is still under construction.

All potential starters have to recommend the qualification race for this European Championship in the Chiemgau. SC Weissbach expects participants from countries that at first glance do not associate anyone with sled dog racing: Ireland, Andorra or Spain, for example, exotics of this sport, but in Inzell it is not a favorite. A highlight is the Musher evening every year, this time with around 500 guests in the Inzell
festivity hall. On the Saturday evening of the 4th of February the winners of the middle distance races will be honored.

From local perspective go the decorated with numerous titles Andi Brikel, son of organizer Robert Schwarzberg, Junior World Champion Jonas Öttl with his Duke, Kathi Demmelbauer with Isko, German Champion of SC Weissenbach, or Sabine Klein (Piding) and Bernd Kierstein ( Anger) in the competitions. All of them have not yet been able to train properly, because the right winter is still missing. With every additional "warm week", the EM in Inzell is increasingly in danger. "Finally, we need a compact base for our sport", says Birkel. For this, it would have to snow first and then should follow some frosty days.

Shortly before the European Championships, the home team provides comprehensive information on the schedule and the exact course of the planned sled dog race in Inzell.

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