Firle Estate, England 16./17.11.2019
  • WSA World Championship Snow 2019
    Haidmühle, Germany 21./24.02.2019
  • WSA World Dryland Championship 2018
    Šamorín, Slovakia 17./18.11.2018
  • European Championships SNOW
    Inzell - Germany 02.- 05.02.2017



The following races of the WSA member clubs belong to the WSA EUROCUP:


1. Langtaufers/Italy (LSCST) 20./21.12.2014 (http://www.luckysleddog.com)

2. Campo Felice/Italy (GSA) 03./04.01.2015 (http://www.gsantartica.com)

3. Unterjoch/Germany (VDSV-BWSC) 17./18.01.2015 (http://www.bwsc-info.de)

Abgesagt / Canceled! New Date 31.01. - 01.02.2015

4. Frauenwald/Germany (VDSV-SSCT) 31.1./01.02.2015 (http://www.ssct.de)

5. Angerberg/Austria (RSSC) 31.1./01.02.2015 (http://www.rssc-austria.at)

6. Sportgastein/Austria (RSSC) 07./08.03.2015 (http://www.rssc-austria.at)



1. The first three in every category (results of the Eurocupraces before the championships) will have the right to start at the WSA championships without stressing the national contingents of the WSA member clubs.

2. The valuation will be by ONS point system. 6 races the best 5 results. 5 races/the best 4 results. 4 races/the 4 results. 3 races/the 3 results.

3. The participants must be a member of a recognized sleddogclub.

4. The dogs must have official FCI papers.

5. In strong categories the sport director has the right to give more than 3 wildcards.

6. More than 40 wildcards(total quantity) are not possible.

7. The participants must take part by minimum 2 Eurocupraces, receiving the right to have wildcards for WSA championships.

8. Overall standings Eurocup. The best, the second and the third of all categories (ONS points) are the winners with special awards.



Arno Steichler, Chairman WSA

Jacek Wlodarczyk, Director Sport WSA