Firle Estate, England 16./17.11.2019
  • WSA World Championship Snow 2019
    Haidmühle, Germany 21./24.02.2019
  • WSA World Dryland Championship 2018
    Šamorín, Slovakia 17./18.11.2018
  • European Championships SNOW
    Inzell - Germany 02.- 05.02.2017

Dog transport guidelines vers. 1.1

The size of the crates in which the dogs are being transported in is generally based on the size of the dogs. Dogs must be able to stand, lay down lengthwise and rotate. If two dogs are being transported in the same crate, the width of the box must be adjusted. The crate must be ventilated properly. Wire mesh crates that are open on all sides are not allowed. Top, bottom and three sides of a crate should always be closed. If single dogs are being transported, for example, in the rear of an estate car, wire mesh crates are allowed. When planning the construction of crates remember that bedding has to be added, which will reduce the standing height. The bedding / litter should be clean and dry and must be changed after soiling.

If a trailer is being used, make sure that the opening to the outside is protected from spray and rainwater and that the dogs are not exposed to direct wind. The exhaust fumes from the towing vehicle must be guided so that they cannot penetrate into the trailer. The crates must be reasonably well ventilated.

Information regarding the WSA World Championships in Frauenwald

Before teams are allowed to enter the stake out area, they will be directed to a check-in zone where all teams will be checked by a veterinary and animal welfare for the following.

  1. Dogs carrying infectious diseases such as kennel cough, diarrhoea, etc.
  2. Compliance with the crate rules as outlined in the dog transport guidelines
  3. Trailer ventilation / exhaust paths

Competitors who arrive with dogs carrying infectious diseases will not be allowed to participate in the race and will be sent home. Please bear in mind that if two teams are sharing one vehicle, both teams will be sent home.

Competitors whose transport conditions do not comply with the WSA guidelines will not be allowed to participate in the World Championships (dogs that have travelled for example for one or two days to arrive at the venue and then have to spend the following 6-8 days in crates that are too small will not be able to recover sufficiently during their rest periods before and after the race).

Should competitors/ mushers have doubts about the size and design of their crates, photographs can be submitted to the WSA ahead of time for feedback.

These reforms are designed to protect all dogs participating in the race.