Firle Estate, England 16./17.11.2019
  • WSA World Championship Snow 2019
    Haidmühle, Germany 21./24.02.2019
  • WSA World Dryland Championship 2018
    Šamorín, Slovakia 17./18.11.2018
  • European Championships SNOW
    Inzell - Germany 02.- 05.02.2017

at the World Sleddog Association - WSA. Below you can find information about current World or European Championship and the membership of the WSA. Recent articles and information can be found in the News.
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We’re pleased to announce that the 2020 WSA Sprint & Mid-Distance Championships (on snow) will take place from 6th - 9th February 2020 in Zuberec/Slovakia.
Further details will follow in due course.

The WSA Board


Recently, a delegation of WSA (World Sleddog Association) and IFSS (International Federation of Sleddogsports) representatives met in Stockholm to explore the possibility of a closer collaboration between the two leading sled dog sport organisations.

The initial talks quickly showed that both organisations have many shared goals and face similar challenges, It was therefore decided to continue the conversation with a view to present the members of both organisations with a proposal of what a collaboration could look like at their General Assemblies in September 2019 (WSA) and June 2020 (IFSS) respectively.

May 20th, 2019
Arno Steichler, WSA Chairman 
Helen Lundberg, IFSS President


We are delighted to announce that our British member AMWA is hosting the WSA Dryland World Championship 2019. The World Championship will take place on 16-17th November at the Firle Estate on the south coast of England.
More information will follow in the coming weeks.

The WSA Board

WSA General Assembly 2019

Dear Members

We are happy to confirm that the WSA GA will take place on the 7th September in Hotel Prinz Carl in Buchen, Germany. There are currently 19 rooms available at the hotel, which the WSA has blocked until the end of April. So, if you need accommodation please contact Hotel Prinz Carl as soon as possible and mention that you will be attending the WSA GA. Alternatively, there are also rooms available in Hotel Reichsadler and Hotel Am Ringpark.

On the 6th and 7th September, the Buchener Schützenmarkt, one of the largest folk festivals in the region, will take place approx 150m from Hotel Prinz Carl. As nearer the time many visitors of the fair will also be looking to book rooms, it’s advisable to organise your accommodation early. For those who would like to join us, we are planning on visiting the fair on Saturday night.

The formal invitation and the agenda will be circulated nearer the time.

Kind regards, The WSA Board

The World Sleddog Association mourns Andreas Kraft

Suddenly and totally unexpectedly Andreas Kraft from Germany passed away where he was most comfortable - near his partner Daniela Bigalke, his 2- and 4-legged friends. Only a small consolation for this big loss.
As a former World Champion and winner of many other top ranks, Andreas was one of the most successful middle distance athletes in our history. His distinctive character also made him a very special person and personal friend.
Dani and daughter Lina, with a big hug we want to be connected with you!
RIP Andreas.
On behalf of the WSA,
Arno Steichler, Chairman

Results "WSA World Championship 2019, Haidmühle"

Result List


We’d like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful New Year!
Please find below the details for the 2019 WSA World Championship Sprint & Mid-Distance in Haidmühle / Germany.
The Championship will take place from 21 – 24 February 2019.


PROGRAM (provisional):
  • Stake out opens: 20 February
  • Vet check: 20 & 21 February
  • First team leader meeting: 21 Feb @ 14:00 hrs
  • Opening ceremony: 21 Feb @ 19:00 hrs
  • Further team leader meetings: 22, 23 and 24 Feb @ 8:00 hrs
  • Start prologue Mid-Distance: 21 Feb @ 16:00 hrs
  • First start first heat Sprint: 22 Feb @ 9:00 hrs
  • Mushers' dinner: 23 February @ 19:00 hrs
  • Price giving ceremony: 24 February @ 16:30 hrs

RACE MARSHALL: Arno Steichler
  • Fee to secure starting places: €15 per place. This is a non-refundable fee that will be deducted from the starting fee. Should the championship need to be cancelled, this fee will remain with the organizers to cover the costs they incurred.
  • First start: €120 (this includes 1 voucher for the mushers’ dinner; additional vouchers for the mushers’ dinner can be bought)
  • Second start: €50
  • Juniors: Free
  • Late payment fees for entries/payments received after the first payment deadline: €20 (applies also to Juniors)

Please note: All payments have to be made by our national Members. Payments by individual mushers will be returned.

  • 13 January: Final deadline for WSA Members to request starting places
  • 11 January: Registration opens
  • 21 January: Deadline for WSA Members to pay fees to secure starting places
  • 4 February: First payment deadline
  • 11 February: Second (final) payment deadline
  • Changes to classes entered can be made by the team leader up until 6pm on the day before the first start.

Preparations for the Championship are well underway and we are looking forward to seeing many of you in Haidmühle.

The WSA Board

WSA World Championship Snow 2019

Dear Members, dear Mushers,

we are Happy to announce the WSA World Championship Snow 2019 in Haidmühle, Germany.

Further Informations.

Results "WSA World Dryland Championship 2018"

Result List

Result List Junior 

WSA World Dryland Championship 2018

Dear Members, dear Mushers,

We have just opened registrations (https://racedata.wsa-sleddog.com/) for the 2018 WSA Dryland World Championship in Samorin/Slovakia (17-18 Nov 2018).


  • Stake out opens: 15th November @ 12:00 hrs
  • Vet check: 15th & 16th November – exact times to be confirmed
  • Team leader meeting: 16th November @ 15:00 hrs
  • Opening ceremony: 16th November @ 18:30 hrs
  • Team leader meeting: 17th November @ 8:30 hrs
  • First start first heat: 17th November @ 9:30 hrs
  • Mushers' dinner: 17th November @ 18:30 hrs
  • Team leader meeting: 18th November @ 8:30 hrs
  • First start second heat: 18th November @ 9:30 hrs
  • Price giving ceremony: 18th November @ 17:30 hrs

Race Marshall: Arno Steichler


First start: €100 (this includes 1 voucher for the mushers’ dinner; additional vouchers for the mushers’ dinner can be bought)
Second start: €50
Juniors: Free
Late payment fees for entries/payments received after the first payment deadline: €20 (applies also to Juniors)

26 Oct: Final date for Members to request starting places & pay fee to secure starting places
4 Nov: First payment deadline starting fee
11 Nov: Second (final) payment deadline

DR8-1 / DR8-2
DR6-1 / DR6-2
DR4-1 / DR4-2
DS2-1 / DS2-2 (including Juniors)
DSM1 / DSW1 (including Juniors/ Veterans)
DCM / DCW (including Juniors/ Veterans)
DBM / DBW (including Juniors/ Veterans)

Changes to classes entered can be made by the team leader up until the first team leader meeting on Friday (16 Nov @ 15:00hrs).

WSA member associations have to request the number of starting places they require no later than 26th October by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mushers have to register on https://racedata.wsa-sleddog.com/

All competitors have to be confirmed by our national members.

Chip lists and speaker info will be collected during the vet check

For further information including trail maps:

WSA bank account (NEW!):
World Sleddog Association, Volksbank Franken, D-74722 Buchen 
IBAN: DE03674614240012043503; BIC: GENODE61BUC

Preparations for the Championship are well underway and we are looking forward to seeing many of you in Samorin.

The WSA Board

WSA World Dryland Championship 2018

We are very excited that our Slovakian member has agreed to host the 2018 WSA World Dryland Championship.
The championship will take place on 17th and 18th November in Šamorín, Slovakia. Registrations will open around the middle of September.
We will be in touch with regard to the registration process and the deadlines nearer the time.
In the meantime, the organizers have set up a website and a Facebook page for the championship, which they will update as new information becomes available:

Website: www.flyinghusky.eu/home/wsa2018dryland/
Facebook event page: www.facebook.com/events/218052468904784/

WSA Events 2017
WC Dryland 2017 - Falze di Piave/Italien

Falze di Piave 2017
Click on flyer to read more details

WSA - World Championship Dryland in Falze di Piave, Italien!

Falzè di Piave - sernaglia della battaglia (tv)
Via Grave, 4, 31020 Falzé di Piave TV


Webside: http://www.antarticaitalia.it/

WSA Events 2018
WC Longdistance 2018 - Särna/Schweden

"WSA - World Championship Long distance in Särna, Sweden!"

For the second time, the SPHK is hosting the World Championship Long Distance after 2017.
We look forward to seeing all the musher and their teams from all over Europe!

Webside WC2018: polardistans.se

WC Snow Sprint & MD 2018 - Sveg / Sweden


WSA - World Championship SPRINT + MD in Sveg, Sweden!

The City of Sveg is pleased to hold WSA WC for the first Time.
Together the city of Sveg, Destination Sveg and our sponsors we are organizing this Great Championship.
We look forward to seeing mushers and their Teams from all over Europe!

Webside 2018: sveg2018.com


20 years WSA by Bernd Keusemann - a flashback

20 years of WSA

The beginning.

Once upon a time


It was in early 1995 when Jürgen Falkenberg, at that time President auf the German AGSD organization, and I drove home from an unpleasant meeting at the FISTC General Assembly in Salzburg.

We discussed back and forth what could be done to keep the sled dog sport growing in the future. It was about here in Scharnitz, maybe 500 meters up or down the valley, when I said to Jürgen the well-known words of the great American Martin Luther King:


I told Jürgen that I had the idea to set up a new global sled dog organization.

I already had a name:


Jürgen responded that this would be very difficult, that it would require a lot of time and hard work and that more than likely it couldn’t be achieved.

My answer to that was:


Now we know were the American President Barack Obama got his famous words from.

By the time I got home that evening, the WSA was completely established in my head. The following days and weeks I set up and registered the WSA, wrote the statutes and the first set of race rules. I contacted potential members and assembled the first board.

Now 20 years later we are back in Scharnitz to celebrate the WSA’s 20th anniversary. The WSA is still alive and bigger and better than ever before and today we are able to welcome our latest members from Norway and Estonia.

But keep in mind that the WSA is not the Board with its Chairman Arno Steichler or myself in the past, the WSA is you, the members and mushers. You have to keep the WSA going for the years to come.

I would like to thank you all for everything you’ve made possible in the past 20 years.

Thank you, Danke, Merci, Gracie, Gracias, Dziękujemy


Good mushing WSA

Bernd Keusemann


Obtaining Membership and Status of Affiliation

Application for membership is to be submitted to the chairman of the WSA in form of a participation declaration.

It is essential for federations and organisations who want to obtain membership of the WSA to pursue identical objectives in the direction of aforementioned § 2 to 4. The General Assembly (GA) decides by a vote of majority the admission into the Association. The criteria regarding the vote for individual membership are listed in § 7.6.